Altri is a multi-functional workspace tool, intended to help users stay productive by physically splitting leisure and working spaces, and by dividing working times into healthy blocks.

Vision Video

Altri Fold

Altri was made with the modern employee in mind- being versatile enough to fit any working space.

The Altri fold is portable and convenient; so you can work anywhere anytime. Altri can be used horizontally as a desktop- with magnets and a comfortable work surface, the fold is suited for adaptability in workspace size and location. Finally, Altri can function as a partition between you and the distractions of open workspaces.

Working in the modern world can be difficult-

With 42% of the US workforce currently working remotely full-time we noticed that the environments in which we remain productive in have changed drastically.

Many people are living in smaller spaces, with roommates or without desks. Working from home puts the distractions we used to leave behind right in front of us. If we didn't bring work home before, why should we have to now?

Altri App

The Altri system includes not only the smart divider but also a companion app. The Altri app gives users a visualization of their productivity, and control over environmental settings of the fold.


The Altri fold provides a physical barrier between the user and outside environmental stimuli, creating a sense of privacy and personal space


Altri provides freedom for the user to work in a larger, more spacious, and possibly public area without distraction. Workers value large spacious areas while working but often times do not have private access to such space.


Promotes focus through the use of external cue that let the users know when they have reached their goal and it is time for a break. This prevents burnout and overworking that affects not only the users work but also mental health.


Foldable for easy portability and set up in any environment. The Altri fold is equipped with magnetic inner boards to hold paper and other work materials to provide even more ease during transportation.